24 – 28 May 2019
Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel, West Midlands, United Kingdom


For your eyes only!

Welcome to ConFuzzled 2019 Registration

Please have a quick read of the information below and then click New Registration to begin.

Before you begin

If you're confused about any part of the registration process or what you'll need in order to attend the convention, take a look at the FAQ.

Please remember that by completing this Registration Process, you'll be entering a legally binding contract with us, ConFuzzled UK Ltd.
All attendees must comply with our Code of Conduct and Conditions of Sale. Not following the rules will forfeit your registration, so make sure you have read and understood it.

Finally, we'd like you to be aware that all personal information entered in to our system will be kept confidential in accordance with the Data Protection Act. You can view full details in our Privacy Policy.

How do I upgrade to an Executive room (either Twin or Queen)?

You can only register for these rooms if you have a partner to share with, also ready and able to register and pay. Please both register as normal, and select the "Yes" option when asked for the Executive room upgrade. On the final screen, in the comments/notes field, please put the name of the person you wish to share with. Your request for an Executive room can only be accepted if you have someone to share a room with, who also registers at the same time.

Your registrations will be checked as usual, but your registration will not be approved yet. We will request the Executive room from the hotel. If they have one available, we will approve your registration and you will have the standard payment deadline from that point in which to pay for your registrations.

Remember – your registration will take some time to be approved - do not worry if it takes a few days.


For 2019, you can choose to pay online as soon as you have been approved, at any HSBC branch or via bank transfer.

Securely processed by Global Payments

Global Payments

Safe, electronic and instant, this is our preferred method for payment. Global Payments (formerly Realex Payments) accepts all major credit and debit cards.


Over the Counter at any HSBC branch or Bank Transfer

If you are outside the UK or are unable to use online payment, you can send us the money via bank transfer, IBAN payment or by paying in at your local HSBC branch.

If neither of these will do, you can contact the registration team for assistance.

Do not register if you cannot currently afford to pay for it.
Registrations which have not been paid for are subject to cancellation if we have not received payment within the stated time period.


Want to give the gift of ConFuzzled? You can purchase vouchers and give these to a friend or loved one to cover any or all of their registration fees.

How to purchase Vouchers

  1. Proceed with your own registration as normal.
  2. After you're done, choose 'Buy Vouchers' from the Dashboard.
  3. Select the sort you want to buy.
  4. Once your Registration is approved, follow the instructions to make your payment.
  5. Once your payment has been received, you will receive a voucher code. Pass this onto the person who you are paying for, and they can register for ConFuzzled.

How to pay by Voucher

  1. Begin your registration as normal.
  2. When you get to the Membership and Room steps, select 'I have a Voucher' and enter your voucher code.
  3. The pre-purchased items will be shown to you. Continue your Registration and once you're Approved, you'll also be fully paid and confirmed!

Problems and Support

Something the matter? If you need any help, please e-mail our Registration Team:
E-mail Registration registration@confuzzled.org.uk