Confuzzled 2020
22 – 26 May 2020
Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel
West Midlands, United Kingdom


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Statistics    Registration Statistics

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Total number of attendees registered: 1487
Total number of attendees confirmed: 1148

Room Availability

May 22nd - May 26th Places left
Hilton Single Room Sold Out
Hilton Standard Twin Sold Out
Hilton Standard Double Sold Out
Hilton Triple Room Sold Out
Hilton Twin Executive Sold Out
Hilton Queen Executive Sold Out

If a room type reads Sold Out, you can still book this room type, but you may be placed on to a waiting list until one becomes available.

Attendance by Country

Country Total
United Kingdom United Kingdom 1186
Germany Germany 46
United States United States 45
Ireland Ireland 38
Netherlands Netherlands 32
Sweden Sweden 25
Denmark Denmark 14
Norway Norway 14
Switzerland Switzerland 13
Belgium Belgium 12
Canada Canada 10
France France 8
Finland Finland 7
Italy Italy 5
Austria Austria 4
Israel Israel 3
Poland Poland 3
Portugal Portugal 3
Malta Malta 2
Romania Romania 2
Slovenia Slovenia 2
Brazil Brazil 1
Bulgaria Bulgaria 1
Czech Republic Czech Republic 1
Gibraltar Gibraltar 1
Guernsey Guernsey 1
Iceland Iceland 1
Mexico Mexico 1
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines Saint Vincent And The Grenadines 1
Slovakia Slovakia 1
South Africa South Africa 1
Spain Spain 1
Thailand Thailand 1
Venezuela Venezuela 1